Megan Solis’ (b. 1990, San Antonio, TX)

Solis’s work splinters and bleeds into drawing, sculpture, video, and performance. Postpartum from obtaining her MFA at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Solis has authored and birthed her own heroine, Glory West, a love-sick blonde Texan, who navigates themes of desperation and loneliness creating concerts of unrequited lust, precarious displays of confidence and self-conscious portraits of love for her fans. Glory West’s odyssey encapsulates a monstrous feminine mystique, holding tightly to both self-inflicted hysteria and hapless horror. Solis has participated in the residency programs of Hello Studio Gallery (San, Antonio, TX) and Arteles (Haukijärvi, Finland). She has exhibited her work throughout Texas such as at the Mexic-Arte Museum (Austin, TX), Invisible Gallery, (Houston, TX), and the McNay Art Museum (San Antonio, TX). Solis has also shown nationally and internationally including the Freedman Gallery in Reading, PA, and the CICA Museum in South Korea. She has been invited to perform as Glory West at the  Sweet Pass Sculpture Park in Dallas, TX, Artpace in San Antonio, TX, and Más Allá Gallery in Bogotá, Colombia. Most recently her film, “Dark Odyssey on Converse Lake” was selected to be shown at the 2023 Chroma Art Film Festival in Miami, Florida