Leave Tonight, or Live & Die This Way, 2023
In the desolate expanse of rural Texas, where the vastness of the plains seems to swallow all sound and sanity, a husband and wife, Dale and Glory, find themselves entwined in a macabre dance of love and deceit.

Glory, a spirited equestrian with a passion for horses, meets Dale, a mysterious drifter with a rugged charm that draws her in like a moth to a flame. Their whirlwind romance sweeps them into marriage, but as Glory settles into their remote ranch, she begins to notice unsettling patterns in Dale's behavior.

At first, it's the little things—a nervous glance here, a whispered conversation there—but soon, Glory's unease grows into a suffocating dread. When her beloved horse, Sugar, mysteriously disappears, Glory's suspicions reach a fever pitch. Despite Dale's assurances, she can't shake the feeling that he's hiding something sinister.

As Glory delves deeper into the secrets of their isolated homestead, she uncovers a chilling truth: Dale harbors a dark obsession with control, one that drives him to commit unspeakable acts to maintain his grip on their marriage. Trapped in a nightmarish web of manipulation, Glory realizes that her husband's love is nothing more than a facade, masking a heart as black as the Texas soil.

With Sugar's fate hanging in the balance and her own life in jeopardy, Glory must confront the horrifying reality of her husband's true nature before she becomes his next victim. But in the lonely expanse of the Texas wilderness, escape is impossible, and the price of freedom may be paid in blood.